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Preliminary Moves: Looking Back and Forward With the Phillies

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After a victorious World Champion Phillies weekend, the powers to be have begun looking toward the 2009 season.

Tim Malcolm of PhilliesNation reports that the club started dumping excess baggage; Outfielder So Taguchi whose contribution was minimal was first to be dropped, along with former closer Tom Gordon, who was basically over-the-hill, as thel Phils bought out both of their contracts.

Malcolm has also been reported that leftfielder Pat Burrell, who finished his last year of a long-term contract by earning some $14 million in 2008,  rejected a 2 year/$22 million deal which would have reflected a salary decrease.

The Phils seem as if separating from Burrell while entertaining getting into the Manny Ramirez sweepstakes — wrong-headed moves if ever there were.

Firstly, take away Burrell’s April through July, and we don’t win a championship.  There were points this season where “the Bat” was absolutely on fire.

Secondly, not to take away Ramirez’s hitting prowess in either league, but for however great a hitter he is, his fielding liability and overall attitude severely detracts from the hitting luster.  I want Pat back, he fits the winning chemistry of this club in ways that Manny and his dread-locks would never  do.   Granted, he had over 130 strikeouts, but he walked 108 times.

Although slow afoot, Burrell hustles in the field and has a strong arm in contrast with Manny’s lackadasical defense game. 

The old saying fits, “when the engine ain’t broke, don’t go tampering with it.”  I want Pat “the Bat” back in Phillies pin-stripes in 2009!

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